Investigate Congressman LaMalfa's Possible HR-3535 Iran ties

Letter to Congressman Doug LaMalfa -- Sponsor of H.R. 3535

Congressman Doug LaMalfa

322 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515 Telephone: (202) 225-3076

June 4, 2018

Dear Congressman LaMalfa,

A thorough investigation of the proposed HR 3535 Ruffey Indian Rancheria bill is needed, as possible ties to domestic terrorist solicitation letters to Iran, Iraq and Libya involve those leading the Rancheria effort and who are known to your field staff.

As you know, I am a past Karuk Tribal Councilman as well as past Vice Chairman of the Shasta Nation. The Karuk Tribe is a federally recognized Tribe in Siskiyou County, California and the Shasta Nation is a family group comprised of a leadership that has been predominately enrolled in the Torres-Martinez Tribe (S. California).

I represent a large group of people, many of which are your constituents, with grave concerns regarding your bill HR 3535.

I, a Konomihu-Shasta Indian, as well as ranchers, farmers, property owners, water users and miners within the Southern Oregon and Northern California Shasta Tribal boundaries (including Siskiyou County) have concerns about your HR 3535 bill supporting the recognition, reinstatement or congressional authorization of the Ruffey Rancheria.

A few of our concerns are as follows:

1. The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors and you have known through Erin Ryan for years that the group you are trying to put into a position of authority as a sovereign Native American Tribe, by Tahj Gomes’ own admission (on 9-13-16 Gomes claimed to be the Shasta Nation Etna Band Chairman), has a direct nexus to a group that solicited Iran, Iraq and Libya for funds to acquire military training and weapons to wreak havoc on the citizens of the United States of America.

3-13-1996 Solicitation For Funding Of Domestic Terrorism (Iran)

Shasta Nation Vice Chairman Allen Van Dyke and Shasta Nation Chairman Roy Hall, Jr. wrote letters to foreign officials including, President Rafsanjani of Iran, President Hussein of Iraq and President Gaddafi of Libya requesting:

a. “grant[s] from your government to our tribal government to finance our legal attack on the U.S. Government.” 

b. “Training and military supplies would be helpful but we can acquire locally if we had the money...”

c. “We have lawyers that are good enough to wreak havoc with the government and its minions but no money to start the fight with.”

d. “We would welcome any assistance you can offer. A meeting can be arranged in the future between your representatives and members of our tribal council. Please contact either the tribal chairman, Roy Hall or myself.”

e. “We have both fought the United States Military with limited success. We have a common enemy within the U.S. Government.”

f. “...the enemy of your enemy is your friend."

(See attached document Document A 1&2)

2. HR 3535 does not provide an acreage maximum and the “Tribe” can procure or claim title to all of the lake, dam, creek and ditch properties along the Klamath and in Scott Valley as their new reservation.

3. Gomes’ faction (Etna Band of Shasta Nation/Ruffey Rancheria) is not recognized, was recently formed as a spin-off from a group and can not be given government protection as they are not a federally recognized Tribe at this juncture. By your office concealing the executive board identity, current membership and Tribal constitution, you are giving a non- recognized non-Tribe extra legal rights and protections. As your bill specifically codifies (the executive board and constitution ratified on December 19, 2014) your office should have that information for the public after your thorough vetting process.

4. During the Siskiyou County Board Of Supervisors meeting on September 13, 2016 the minutes showed that the people presenting the initial steps for HR 3535: Roy Hall, Jr. and Betty Hall, individuals that were allegedly involved in the solicitation of Iran, Iraq and Libya in a domestic terrorist bid; Liz Bowen, an admitted sovereign citizen; Brian Daniels, a Penn State professor; Ray Haupt, a Siskiyou County Supervisor all knew about the Ruffey Rancheria’s secret executive board ties to domestic terrorist tendencies. Your congressional staff was aware as well.

(See attached Document B 1&2)

5. The following attached documents and screenshots show there may be a years-long plan involving a congressman, major business interests, Department of Defense contractors and radicalized Native Americans to circumvent public scrutiny to gain coveted federal recognition thereby securing legal advantage over regional Tribal and local governments and natural resources.

Federal recognition will provide the above interests with a court-tested advantage of Tribal sovereign immunity from suits while providing a secretive veil from which to operate.

Prior to reinstatement, there already is Ruffey Rancheria executive board harassment, veiled threats, deceit and bullying against anyone who appropriately questions the Ruffey Rancheria executive board and constitution just to mention two of our concerns.

6. Sami Jo Difuntorum and Shasta Indian Nation Nexus. The following is a brief history of the Shasta “Indian” Nation. Both of the Shasta faction leaders were original contacts of said terrorist solicitation letters. Shasta Nation (Roy Hall, Jr.) and Shasta Indian Nation (Allen “Wild Eagle” van Dyke):

Allen W. Van Dyke writes letters of clarification to “President Hussein of Iraq,” “President Gadafhi of Libya,” and “President Rafsanjani of Iran.”

Senator Mark Hatfield responds to Van Dyke's concerns in a letter.

Ron Wyden, US Senator, writes letter to Allen Van Dyke stating clarification of issues as dictated by the BIA. ACTING Director, Harry A. Rainbelt, Office of Tribal Services clearly states, "We are always concerned when threats of violence are made. By copy of this letter we are alerting the Director of the Sacramento Area Office and the Chief BIA Law Enforcement that there is a potential for violence.

Larry Doke is listed on "Confederated Tribes-Rogue-Table Rock & Associated Tribes" newsletter as a "Council Member."

Council Members were:

John (Gray Eagle) Newkirk- Under investigation in 2006. Not Indian?

Trophy (Princess) Purvie

Cory (Little Bear) Newkirk- Not Indian?

Larry Wright

Tiffany (Morning Star) Newkirk- Not Indian?

Larry Doke- (chairman of Shasta Indian Nation 2008)

Calvin Rhodes

Terri Edwards

Big Bear Forde- Felon in prison for manufacture and sales of meth? Harbored from FBI by Newkirk and Doke?

Larry Doke as a Councilman on the same board as John Newkirk for the Confederated Tribes of Table Rock. Court documents identify Doke as a member of Newkirk's group.

Howard Wynant elected as chairman for Shasta, Upper Klamath Indians (currently Shasta Indian Nation),” Source: Siskiyou Daily News paper article.

A July/August 1999 Newsletter is issued to “Shasta Tribal members” by the self proclaimed “Confederated Bands of the Shasta & Upper Klamath River Indians (current Shasta ‘Indian’ Nation).” Within the newsletter the group declares that “the Shasta & Upper Klamath River Indians have a new tribal name, government, and business operations process,” and names Howard Wynant as Chairman, Allen Van Dyke as Vice Chairman, June Perez as Secretary, Larry Doke as Treasurer, Sami Pohlman [Difuntorum] as Tribal Administrator.

Sami Jo Difuntorum has been the strategist and political advisor to the Shasta Indian Nation since 1999 or before. She was aware of the domestic terrorism letters and served on the same council as one of the scriveners of said Iran, Iraq and Libya terrorist solicitation letters. Through her daughter Candice Difuntorum, Sami Jo Difuntorum (Pohlman) continues to dictate or influence leadership decisions of the Shasta Indian Nation (Allen “Wild Eagle” Van Dyke faction) uninterrupted since 1999 or before.

Sami Jo Difuntorum is allegedly the political advisor and governmental liaison for the Ruffey Rancheria regarding your HR 3535 bill.

(See attached screenshot Document 13)

7.  White Mountain LLC — Roy Hall, Jr., Allen Van Dyke, Sami Jo Difuntorum, Jon Clifton and Tahj Gomes nexus.

As previously stated, the Ruffey Rancheria, Shasta Nation and Shasta Indian Nation leaderships appear to have a direct ongoing nexus to the scriveners of said domestic terrorist solicitation letters to Iran, Iraq and Libya.

White Mountain LLC is a partnership between Shasta Nation chairman Roy Hall, Jr. and Ruffey Rancheria executive board member Jon Clifton.

By all indications, Tahj Gomes is very much aware of this relationship and publicly condones it.

(Below is an index of the White Mountain LLC website pages and the claims made on said website.)

For these reasons, but not limited to, it is paramount that HR 3535 be subjected to full vetting protocols of the Bureau Of Indian Affairs, Department Of Defense and National Security Agency. It appears the Ruffey executive board, White Mountain, LLC, Shasta Nation/Shasta Indian Nation, and Mark Baird’s State of Jefferson group have not been remotely vetted by your office or any federal agency. The alleged direct ties of the core group that solicited the leaders of Iran, Iraq and Libya for money to finance the acquisition of weapons, military training and nefarious legal counsel to launch a domestic terrorist attack against United States citizens and government would have been discovered by your congressional office if a proper vetting process had happened.

Your bill HR 3535 must be rescinded until you can guarantee the Unites State citizens, Shasta and Karuk People that your bill is not a gross form of negligence in research and vetting.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this potential national security issue. 



US Attorney McGregor Scott

United States Attorney's Office
Robert T. Matsui

United States Courthouse 501 I Street, Suite 10-100
Sacramento, CA 95814

US Senator Kamala Harris

United States Senate
112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

US Senator Dianne Feinstein

United States Senate
331 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

United States Department of Defense

1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1400

The Honorable Kirstjen M. Nielsen

Secretary of Homeland Security

Washington, D.C. 20528

Secretary Ryan Zinke

Department of the Interior

1849 C Street, N.W.

Washington DC 20240


White Mountain LLC Website Screen Shot Index and Text:

(Documents WM 1-6)

On May 7, 2018 was online and time-stamped 23:38. Said site was stated as being hosted in United States and owned by JONATHAN CLIFTON. Said website has a stated 2014 copyright.

On May 16, 2018 a Facebook page called Shasta Peoples did an expose on Tahj Gomes and Jon Clifton showing a nexus between the Ruffey Rancheria and the group(s) that wrote letters of solicitation to the leaders of Iran, Iraq and Libya requesting funds for military training and equipment to attack US government and citizens.

Tahj Gomes and Jon Clifton publicly denied these allegations.

On May 17, 2018 Shasta Peoples posted a comment and screen shot showing Ruffey Rancheria councilman Jon Clifton and Shasta Nation chairman Roy Hall, Jr.’s partnership in White Mountain LLC.

Jon Clifton publicly acknowledges the allegation.

On May 18. 2018 the WhiteMountain-llc website ( is abruptly shut down.

Currently, today June 2, 2018, WhiteMountain-llc has ironically transformed from a military and intelligence gathering corporation to an entity that is, “Bringing Peace and Harmony to All.

Document WM 1. The “Home” page made the following claims:

National Security

White Mountain, LLC is on the forefront of the National Security market with expertise in the national and homeland security arenas. We understand mitigation and protection designed to fortify our nation.

Mission Assurance

Our Team provides expert analysis and program management in the Mission Assurance field. We know that threats transcend borders and we provide customers with tools to bolster their missions.

IT Assurance

We understand the critical nature of Information Technology in today's world and guarantee the highest standard of security for our clients.


October, 2014
White Mountain, LLC is on a winning team for a DOD IC customer.

June, 2014
White Mountain, LLC is on a winning teams supporting the Air Force Homeland Defense - Technical Area Tasks (HD- TATs).

Welcome! Message from the Tribe!

White Mountain is the Premier Native American Tribal Provider of Security Services

At White Mountain, LLC, we promote a philosophy and work environment where White Mountain and partners strive to meet and exceed our clients needs and requirements.

We encourage each team player to provide input while offering solutions to challenging projects where the results really make a impact for our customers and our nation.

We endeavor to create an atmosphere where employees are respected and can reach their highest potential. Our corporate culture is designed to be employee and family-friendly while working in a diverse and collaborative environment. Our viewpoint is for our employees and partners to preserve a healthy balance between work and home life.

Secure Login User Login:
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White Mountain, LLC © 2014

2360 Corporate Circle#400 Henderson, NV 89074

*Note - Jonathan Clifton phone number
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Document WM 2. The “About Us” page made the following claims:

White Mountain, LLC
Attain the highest peak of excellence!

For the Native American Shasta people of Northern California, Shasta Mountain holds special significance as the place where life began from the heavens. In the local language Shasta Mountain is called Úytaahkoo or the "White Mountain."

At White Mountain, LLC, we constantly strive to attain the highest peak of excellence for our customers as we honor the depth and strength of our ancestors.

For a history of the Tribe read more

Careers at White Mountain, LLC
We are looking for qualified people to join the White Mountain team!

Our employees are our most valuable resource and we support collaboration in the workplace and a work/home balance. Our culture is such that we want to ensure the work/home/life balance because having happy, satisfied employees is essential as they are our most valuable resources.

If you are interested in a position, please send an email along with your resume to the address below or send an inquiry through the contact form.

Current Openings

Why Choose Us

White Mountain, LLC is comprised of management and professionals with years of experience in the security, intel, and IT realms. Our world-class experts follow industry best practices and have incorporated standardized processes on an everyday basis.

Mission and Vision

White Mountain, LLC’s Mission is to address Federal and commercial growing needs for National Security, Intelligence, and IT Assurance - Cyber capabilities by providing services, expertise, and program management as a Native American- owned company.

Our Vision is to be the recognized and trusted Native American partner for the U.S. government Defense and Homeland Security markets and commercial security markets.


Jonathan Clifton is Partner

Prior to founding White Mountain, LLC, Jonathan honed his skills at SAIC, Washington Group International (currently URS), and Excalibur Associates. He was responsible for strategy and business development.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

Jonathan is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. He served in Ukraine, where he taught business and consulted with local businesses in the region.

White Mountain, LLC © 2014

2360 Corporate Circle #400

Henderson, NV 89074

*Note - Jonathan Clifton phone number

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Document WM 3. The “Services” page made the following claims (screen shot not included):

White Mountain, LLC Understands the key elements of the National Security fields. Our subject matter experts provide a range of domain experience. 

We utilize the respective experience and knowledge to assess issues and develop pathways to solve problems. We don't stop there! We strive to fortify and create lasting remedies to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

National Security

Securing the essential functions of the government, public and private sector is critical to defense, safety and continuity:

  • Critical Infrastructure Policy, Evaluation and Analysis
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis
  • Security Program Management
  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection
  • Emergency Management
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

  • Mission Assurance
    Combining the highest caliber strategic analysis with the power of technology. White Mountain, LLC offers the following:
  • Intelligence Analysis and Collection
  • Operations and Management
  • Strategic Support

  • IT Assurance
    Integrating technology and assuring network efficiency is essential to core missions:
  • Enterprise Security
  • Network Operations including data centers
  • Information Assurance/Vulnerability Assessments – Monitoring and Threat Analysis
  • Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Testing, Quality Assurance and Configuration Management
  • Training
  • Technology Development

  • Securing and Supporting our Nation

  • White Mountain, LLC © 2014

2360 Corporate Circle

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Document WM 4. The “Partners” page made the following claims:

Company Partners and Customers

Customer Commitment

We are committed to establishing White Mountain, LLC as the preferred partner for customers by adhering to a philosophy that provides the highest quality service and products fostering long-term, trusting relationships.

Partnership: Here at White Mountain, LLC, we truly believe that our Integrity and Transparency will allow us to provide our customers with the highest peak of service possible. We will walk hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure they are obtaining everything needed to accomplish their missions.

Growth: Our philosophy does not end at the end of the project or mission but continues as we acknowledge that requirements and needs evolve. We want to be the trusted Native American firm that customers can rely upon.


White Mountain, LLC builds viable partnerships with customers and industry service and product companies to provide innovative solutions targeted at fulfilling mission essential needs.

White Mountain, LLC © 2014

2360 Corporate Circle

#400 Henderson, NV 89074

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Document WM 5. The “Solutions” page made the following claims:

Mission Assurance

We provide Mission Assurance Solutions to a range of security domains. Our capabilities include:

  • [Assesments]
  • Collection
  • Planning
  • Exercises
  • Training

  • Programs and Analysts
    White Mountain, LLC provides subject matter experts (SMEs) who are proficient in analytical assessments and information collection. They understand the minute details of situational awareness leading up to the large scale common operating picture. Program management support includes integrating all steps for conceptualization, planning, and execution to documentation, training, and sustainability.

Tech Solutions Integration

White Mountain, LLC assists customers and partners with technological [soltuions] to support:

  • Security Operations
  • Planning and Program Management
  • Training, Education and Awareness
  • Infrastructure Security

  • Case Studies
    In order to better understand how we present offerings and solutions, click on one of the links below:
  • PDF of First Case
  • PDF of Second Case
  • PDF of Third Case
  • PDF of Fourth Case
    We Provide the Best Solutions to Meet Customers' Needs!

  • We provide comprehensive Valued Solutions for customers and strive to exceed expectations!

  • Whether it is assisting with infrastructure assessments or bolstering network systems, we employ tested solutions and work with our customers to attain a high-level of confidence in mission sustainability. We enjoy challenging and complex issues! Our values and [committment] to the missions allow us to create value-added solutions for customers leading us to provide efficient, timely deliverables within financial parameters.

  • White Mountain, LLC © 2014

  • 2360 Corporate Circle #400
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  • Telephone:
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  • Document WM 6. The “Contacts” page made the following claims:Maps and Links

  • Maryland Location
  • California Location
  • State of Maryland
  • State of California

Our Locations California

White Mountain, LLC has a primary location in California along with representation near the Silicon Valley.

Due to the home of the Native American Shasta Tribe and our proximity to the Silicon Valley for the wealth of technological know- how, California is a principle site. In addition, this allows for coast-to-coast offerings and services.


Maryland is the site of our East Coast Operations by virtue of our location near our Federal government customers.

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Document WM 7. The new current “Home” page makes the following claim:

Bringing Peace and Harmony to All.

All other pages are blank.